How do Chinese homes look like from the inside? A remote visit.

11. April 2023
One of our customized research methods is EthnObserve® which is an in-home visit/interview together with a videographer. Have you ever seen a typical Chinese home? In the next few weeks, we will take you on a remote tour through Chinese private homes.

Driving an EV in winter? Do the battery swap before it freezes up!

30. January 2023
In this article, we will explain why some EV drivers in China do not have the possibility to install a charging pillar at home and how driving an EV in winter might become a problem for them.

The hierarchical mindset in East-Asia and how it impacts the dynamic in focus groups

21. December 2022
When we recruit participants for focus groups, our clients sometimes asked for a certain criterion within each group: A good mix of ages. Sometimes, this will negatively impact the group dynamic in Asian countries.

Touchpoints for the (Chinese) consumer - the more, the better?

12. December 2022
Being more present at different touchpoints on the customer journey brings more exposure, awareness, and maybe more customers. But does it apply in China? Check out this article.

Are the modern features in cars really what the (Chinese) consumers want?

31. October 2022
The negative news on Chinese social media about EVs lead to a philosophical reflection on the topic of “user’s need for autonomy and the development of EVs”.

Driving a Modern Electric Vehicle in China? Not in Summer.

30. September 2022
Driving during the day has become a nightmare for EV owners with an all-glass roof in China this summer. Read here why it's a real problem.

Luxury camping in China

22. August 2022
If you ask what kind of hobbies a middle-class city family or GenZs in China now have, they might all tell you one thing: “Glamping”. Also known as “Glamorous Camping”.

The meaning of the job and myself as a consumer researcher

01. June 2022
We spent more than 8 hours at work every day. Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose or meaning of your job is? One of our colleagues, a consumer researcher, has given it some thought.

Does an intuitive system really exist?

10. May 2022
There is ONE question that we talk about all the time at work: is this system intuitive to use for the user? In this article we try to find out.

The surprise blind box which might contain anything – How the “gambling” mindset is impacting customer experience in China

24. January 2022
A blind box is a box with opaque packaging, hiding the product inside. The idea of blind boxes is highly welcomed by GenZ as overconsumption and materialism don’t satisfy them anymore and they start to seek for emotional stimulation and excitement.

Do smart assistants really take away the FUN?

18. November 2021
We often test smart systems for different manufacturers. Depending on the area and product, consumers may enjoy or complain about the integrated smart assistant. In the following text we elaborate on different areas where smart assistants are used and consumers opinions on those smart assistants.

The Motorcycling Subculture in China

08. November 2021
Back in the 90s, compared to a car a motorcycle was the cheaper option in terms of transportation. This still applies to a lot of families and individuals in the less developed cities and suburb areas of big cities in China. In this article we highlight the cultural difference considering the meaning of having a motorcycle in China and Germany.

The endless desire of being prettier: A booming beauty industry and the body anxiety among Chinese women and men

10. September 2021
Plastic/cosmetic surgery is no longer a rarity these days. It is still mainly women who undergo aesthetic surgery, but the demand from men is increasing. Culturally, there are some differences in which changes to the body are considered. In this article we will take a look at the booming beauty industry in China.

You are what you drive: How are personalities from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche perceived? - A comparison between China and Germany - Part 2

15. July 2021
In our first article, we took a closer look at the car brands Audi and BMW and discussed how German and Chinese drivers perceive these cars. Now we will continue with Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and present the different points of view.

You are what you drive: How are personalities from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche perceived? - A comparison between China and Germany - Part 1

12. July 2021
Brand perception research studies show a vivid picture of car brands as different persons. And there are clear differences in brand perception in Germany and China. For this article series we use the topic “brand image as a person” to explain the cultural, political, and economic background and further: how the brands got their image in China and Germany.