Welcome to the Spiegel Institut

Spiegel Institut is a research and consulting institute for consumer research and user experience consulting. Founded in 1950 by Dr. Bernt Spiegel as the first market psychology institute in Germany, it currently operates offices in Mannheim, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Beijing, and Shanghai, where Spiegel Institut offers services to its prestigious clients across the globe.

We add a user and consumer perspective to the process of developing products and services, thereby actively helping our clients to become successful. The majority of our clients are global players, and our work focuses on international markets and services. We conduct our studies at our own test studio in Mannheim.


Data Consulting

  • Data science
  • Data mining
  • Exploratory data analysis 
  • Data modelling

User Experience Empowerment

  • UX process consulting
  • Implementation of UX design
  • UX strategy development
  • UX coaching

Usability Engineering

  • Context analysis
  • User requirements
  • Design/interaction design   
  • Control specification 
  • Usability tests
  • Technical documentation

User Experience Consulting

  • Ideation
  • Innovation development
  • Human-centered design
  • UX evaluation

Consumer Research

  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Concept
  • Product
  • Image and brand


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planning&analysis (6/2017): Jin Jlussi with anecdotes from international field work

07. December 2017
International market research poses challenges. Cultural peculiarities need to be recognized and taken into account at all research stages. This also applies to recruiting participants. Jin Jlussi from Spiegel Institut Mannheim points out where pitfalls may lurk.

„Trend and innovation“

09. March 2018
Society as a whole and each respective target group undergoes constant change, and lifestyles and values will be continuously adjusted or shifted. This is where trend research can help: We determine what are the drivers of these changes and how this is expressed in patterns of lifestyles and consumption.

Urban mobility - mobility of the future

09. March 2018
What will mobility look like in the future? And what kind of vehicles will be used? Mobility is the epitome of freedom. People are moving more and more, faster and faster, further and further, and their mobility is becoming increasingly spontaneous. This represents a significant challenge to future mobility services. Demographic change in society, urbanization, and the possibilities of digitization are changing individual requirements for mobility. In the future, personal needs must be aligned with those of an individual’s surroundings.


Schnell fahrendes Auto

Specialist Human Machine Interface Automotive (m/w)


Spezialist Sprachen- und Textmanagement Automotive (m/w)

Raum Stuttgart
Wasserperlen auf einem Blatt

Projektleiter quantitative Marktforschung (m/w)