• UX process consulting
  • Implementation of UX design
  • UX strategy development
  • UX coaching

Do you want to implement work methods that are similar to the tech pioneers from Silicon Valley but which also fit your company?

Are you planning on redesigning processes and structures as to enable a user-focused approach and create inspiring products and services?

Do you want to optimize the creation of innovative products and features and implement a process that takes full advantage of your innovative potential?

  • With our consulting approach, we put you in the position to develop products with a focus on users. We help you to consistently align your processes, structures, and working methods with a user orientation while always keeping the client requirements in mind. We place the actual goal of your work – to have an engaging customer experience – at the beginning of brainstorming and development.
  • We support you in a long-term change in perspective, moving away from technical feasibility and existing technologies towards a user-focused point of view. Our consulting service is scalable – from one-off consulting to a longer commitment.

Our methods

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UX process consulting

A user-focused approach can be developed particularly well if the appropriate processes and structures are deeply entrenched in your company. Within the scope of our UX process consulting, you will be able to work step by step to establish the required know-how and adapt work processes and organizational structures.
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UX strategy development

If the goal is to strategically align larger areas of your company or even the entire company with UX, it is a good idea to develop an overarching strategy. The more your business objectives are harmonized with the expectations of users, the greater the users’ satisfaction and thus their confidence will be. And that is pays off for the entire company.
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UX Coaching

We support you in setting up and embedding a user-focus approach in your company for the long term. Within the scope of our UX coaching, you can take advantage of medium- to long-term support from experienced UX coaches (CPUX certified) during your transformation phase.

We take pride in

Prozessberatung Porsche

UX process consulting

Process optimisation and UX coaching for user experience design and hardware ergonomics for a sports car manufacturer. Incorporating measures into the continuous development process of a vehicle model.

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UX internal processes

Consulting on merging UX internal processes when creating website content.

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UX process consulting

Process consulting for implementing user-focused development processes for software and service concepts at a large German car manufacturer. Developing knowledge management tools based on the software Confluence in participating specialist departments.

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Philip Rigley
Senior Director UI/UX
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