• Ideation
  • Innovation development
  • Human-centered design
  • UX evaluation

Do you need an original impetus to develop new ideas that expand your portfolio?

Do you want to increase the level of innovation in your company?

Do you want to consider relevant trends in the initial stages of developing your products and services and gain an understanding of tomorrow’s target groups and markets today?

Do you have too many ideas about good user experience and don’t know which is the right one?

  • Our perspective on the product or service idea focuses on the users’ behaviors, needs, and expectations and not on how an interactive product performs.  
  • We actively involve the user in the UX process and are thus able to come up with new and exciting product ideas. We assist you in designing a good user experience, which can be illustrated before, during, and after the use of a product. 
  • You benefit from our many years of experience in the UX development of complex products and our empirically based knowledge of users and consumers.

Our methods

Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert
Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert
Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert

Contextual inquiry

A user-centered product development requires understanding the user and being able to put yourself in her shoes. With contextual inquiry, we observe users in their familiar environment when handling the product, ask them about their experience, and thus gain valuable insights for the remainder of the project.
Icon Contextual Inquiry, Mensch an Computer, Mensch dokumentiert

Expert Reviews

Our expert reviews provide you with a fresh external viewpoint to give your development new ideas. Your product/service or even a previous concept is studied based on universal principles of usability and user experience (heuristic evaluation). The results are weighted and suggestions for solutions are presented.
Icon User Journey Research, Mensch mit Koffer

User Journey Research

How satisfied are users with your product or service throughout the entire user journey? We study the individual steps of users’ interaction with your product/service. We evaluate how and wherever the user comes into contact with your product and reveal how she experiences it and what her goals are.
Icon Nutzer-Workshops, Gruppe von Menschen sitzt um einen Tisch

User workshops

Do you want to design user-centered products and services? In our user workshops, which we ideally conduct with expert users, we offer a good way of experiencing how opinions are formed in regard to products/concepts: Needs and requirements come to light, existing concepts can be optimized from a user-perspective, while weaknesses and obstacles can be illustrated. Working in groups allows for ideas to be developed efficiently.

We take pride in

Usability Studie, Fahrsimulation

What will “intuitive control” mean in the future? | Quantitative usability study with driving simulation

To develop a new control concept with driving simulation in China and the United States.

Elektrombilitaet, Parkplatz

The future of control components in electric mobility | UX evaluation

Evaluation of human machine interface developments within the scope of innovative electric mobility concepts.

Autonomes Fahren, Innenraumgestaltung Auto

The future of autonomous driving | A Combined international qualitative-quantitative study

On the needs and expectations of usable features and the design of the vehicle interior for autonomous driving.

Contact person

Christian Haertle
Christian Härtle
Senior Director User & Market Research
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Florian Sieper
Florian Sieper
Senior Director UI/UX
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