What do we understand by UX process consulting?

We enable companies to align their current development processes with users’ needs: We place the goal of your development work – an engaging customer experience – at the forefront and develop processes, structures, and working methods to specifically formulate and measure this goal as well as monitor it all way to the market launch. 
Our integrative, holistic approach combines professional advice based on ISO 9241-210 (human-centered design for interactive systems) with systemic organizational consulting to ensure the change process runs more smoothly.

When is it a good time for UX process consulting?

Anytime is a good time for UX process consulting. You can strengthen your organization’s skills in customer- and user-centered design. If, however, the actual goal of integrating this approach into an established development process is to be reached, certain prerequisites must be met: 

  • Willingness to change
    Change processes always requires a willingness to change the system in question. The first thing we need to see is a certain recognition that continuing “as is” is not an option for the company to be successful in the future.
  • Responsibility
    We need a responsible contact person who is in charge of the customer- and user-centered design process and wants to integrate them into the company. We help this person succeed in this mission.
  • SupportWe need an advocate at the top management level who will stand for the company having a customer- and user-centered focus. As the saying goes: It is easier for a stone to fall from the top than it is to be thrown from the bottom.

What does consulting approach look like?

Within the framework of our analysis and consultancy services, we perform interviews and analyze documents to identify potential at all relevant levels of observation and develop concrete measures:

  • Specialist level
    We help you to formulate a suitable UX goal for you and make it measurable. For your customer- and user-centered design process, we recommend practical forms of specifications and documentation that simplify rather than complicate your work.
  • Method level
    We give you scalable development methods that can integrate a customer- and user-centered perspective into your product development process: From the analysis and research phase through the creative design process to evaluation and protection.
  • Structure level
    We analyze your organization’s structure and provide clear recommendations for the respective competences in order to minimize friction and increase your organization’s determination.
  • Process level
    We make suggestions on how the exchange of knowledge and the flow of information can be organized. Special attention is paid to the decision making in the company: Who decides what, when and on what basis?
  • Competence level
    We analyze the UX competencies that already exist at your company and make proposals to rapidly establish any skills that may be lacking. 

What kind of results can be expected?

You receive a guide on how to orient your company towards customer- and user-centered design, customized to your specific situation, your goals, and your opportunities. This practical guide will enable you to gradually increase your company’s UX level. We assist you in implementing the measures and give transparency to the success of your change process.