What qualitative online research tools do we use?

Qualitative online research covers a wide range of methods starting with collecting individual opinions all the way to co-creative approaches in groups. The tools we most frequently use in the context of our research are: 

  • Online Community (Online Forum) 
  • Online Diary / Self-ethnography
  • Particularly for the Chinese market: WeChat Diary and WeChat Group Chat

Which topics are particularly well suited to online research?

  • Representation of the target group’s living environment (“This is me”, “This is how I live”); documentation of typical day in their lives, for example, when using a product; recording habits and behaviors 
  • Forum discussion – topics that benefit from a mutual exchange of opinion, have a strong polarizing effect, or require creativity, e.g., issues likes autonomous driving, connectivity, forward-looking approach, etc.
  • Concept evaluation – the ability to flexibly integrate different stimuli enables us to interactively evaluate concepts; participants can evaluate images and audio and video material individually or as a group
  • Co-creative (continuing) development of ideas to generate innovative concepts; participants can develop and/or refine ideas using creative methods and techniques

How does qualitative online research work exactly?

Online Community

  • The asynchronous method of data collection allows participants to log onto the online platform (or the app) whenever they want and from wherever they are in order to participate in the survey.
  • Over the course of the entire study, our project management is continuously in contact with the participants while acting as the main point of contact for participants and customers alike.
  • Members of the project team can follow the survey wherever they are and make adjustments to the questions at any time during implementation as required.

Online Diary / Self-ethnography

  • Participants document their own living environment and events in their everyday lives through photos and videos. 
  • Entries for online diaries can be made flexibly on a computer or directly on a smartphone.

WeChat Diary and WeChat Group Chat

  • With a user share from 93% in China’s tier I cities, WeChat plays a central role in the everyday lives of Chinese consumers. WeChat offers intuitive ways to share experiences and discuss topics in small groups. Participants choose between various input options (photos, videos, text or voice messages, and emojis).
  • The interviewer can directly ask questions per WeChat and interact with the participants.

What kind of results can be expected?

  • All results are evaluated and analyzed for content and presented in an attractive PowerPoint presentation. Photo material from diaries and collages can be integrated into the report.
  • The video material can be prepared at the institute’s own sound and editing studio to produce video clips or short films to be added to the report.
  • Other possibilities: Creating story boards, professional scribbles to visualize ideas and approaches.
Online Diary
Online Community