What can expert research provide?

Expert research can sensibly close knowledge gaps that arise in consumer research.
Research with consumers presents two problems to which expert research offers solutions:

  • Problem 1: Focusing on one’s own reality
    Consumers do not think in terms of a “competitive environment” or “markets”, but rather their own personal and social dimensions. Consumers only see a part of their own environment.
  • Solutions with experts: The 360° perspective: 
    Experts can wide horizons to include holistic contexts. They can draw considerations that span categories or industries as well as technological or market-specific solutions.
  • Problem 2: Being firmly rooted in the present:
    Consumers reflect today’s attitudes and preferences. Consumer behavior is always a description of the present.
  • Solutions with experts: Anticipate and shape the future
    Experts can abstract observations on the micro level and anticipate future developments at the macro level.

What types of expert research do we offer?

The 360° perspective: Market experts and corrective elements

  • In expert symposia (expert talks)
    Gather and evaluate expert knowledge for industries and markets to free yourself from restricted consumer perspectives.
  • With expert advice (expert councils)
    Have experts from various disciplines work together to develop concrete ideas that provide you with new and unexpected objectives.   

Anticipate and shape the future: Visionaries and driving forces

  • In future studies (Delphi)
    Compile expert opinions to anticipate future developments (e.g., social or technological progress) and position your brand in a timely manner.
  • In future workshops
    Use the expertise of “visioneers” to shape future developments and generate competitive advantages. “Visioneers” are “visionary engineers”, aka designers of the future. Future workshops are not innovation workshops. In these workshops, experts are not there to generate ideas but rather bring abstract expert forecasts to life and make contexts more tangible. For example, “How do certain expert forecasts affect the lives of consumers? How does this look in their lives?” Visioneers are pioneers and entrepreneurs, visual designers and researchers of the future. They use their expert forecasts to generate stories and create new worlds.