In on-going projects, we support you by programming dashboards in order to quickly visualize a clear and condensed picture of the data during the data collection phase. We choose the appropriate tools according to your requests. We create dashboards in the form of dynamic HTML pages, TableauTM, or Qlikview®. 

Meaningful and relevant content

When assessing dashboards, the focus is on selecting meaningful and relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) and including them in a graphic presentation. We are happy to advise you in creating and illustrating such KPIs. We have many years of experience particularly in the field of tracking studies, customer behavior, customer requirements/ratings, and quality studies. We have already developed solutions for a wide variety of data sources. These range from social media data and survey data from quantitative surveys to data collected by automatic data loggers. 

Advanced tools

Typically, dashboards are used to quickly gain an overview of the situation. They are usually not intended for in-depth analysis. For such cases, we also offer more in-depth studies such as regression analysis.