Paper Presentation at AMA Winter Academic Conference in San Diego

The international AMA Winter Academic Conference took place in San Diego, California from February 14-16. It is one of the most important marketing conferences in the world. Prof Dr. Marc Kuhn (DHBW), Prof. Dr. Benjamin Österle (DHBW) and Viola Marquardt (Spiegel Institut) presented results of a pan-European Usability Study on charging station infrastructure during the session »Innovating Through Cutting-Edge Technologies«. Basis was the cooperative research project e-Hunter which was conducted by students at ZEF (Center for Empiric Research) in cooperation with EnBW AG. The presentation had the catchy title »“All That Glitters Is Not Gold” – Performance of EV-Charging Infrastructure from A European User Perspective«.

The international expert discussions of AMA will be incorporated in future research projects at ZEF. Research cooperations with partners like EnBW or Spiegel Institut are an integral part of the practice-oriented research at DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart).