Mannheim/Ingolstadt, November 17, 2017 – The first World Usability Day (WUD) in Ingolstadt was a success, and with the idea that “after the WUD is before the WUD” in, plans for the next event to be held in 2018 are already in the starting blocks according to two organizers Spiegel Institut and the Department of User Experience Design at the Technical University of Ingolstadt. The program featured interesting lectures, a display of “UX you can touch” as well as exciting presentations at the first WUD on November 9, 2017 in Ingolstadt. The successful pilot event was carried out in the context of the annual global event series, and the motto of this year’s meeting was “Inclusion through user experience”. 

Nearly 200 participants from research and industry accepted the invitation from Spiegel Institut and the TUI, contributing to a lively exchange on the topics of user experience and usability. “We’ve come one step closer to our goal of raising awareness of the necessity for regional development focused on the user. We were particularly pleased to see how interested the students were, as they highlighted the many facets and possibilities of user experience and usability with the excellent projects they presented,” says Andreas Baur, Managing Director of Spiegel Institut Ingolstadt. “I would also like to extend a special thanks to Professor Andreas Riener, the head of the degree program in user experience design (UXD), who along with his team played a significantly role in designing the content,” Baur added.

Talks, hands-on UX, and project presentations

The auditorium was full for the interesting talks on topics such as “Usability in the context of autonomous driving”, “Tell me from the past – designing a user-friendly platform for knowledge transfer between young and old” and “I want fun, rev it up” – why automated driving alone is not enough”. In the accompanying program, the presentations “High end virtual reality presentation in CAVE”, by Prof. Dr. Thomas Gray Bano, Head of VR laboratory, and “Dynamic driving simulator and possibility to use in usability research” by Prof. Dr. Andreas Rahim, Head of Hexapods Laboratory at TUI, were very popular. The presentation of the student project “Intuitive interaction concepts for augmented reality”, carried out by the Audi Center of Competence VR/AR, Ingolstadt, was well received as well as numerous other promising projects and works, which presented an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and discuss the topics.


(Image source: Gürzoğlu)
(Image source gallery: Spiegel Institut)