Mannheim, May 8, 2018 – Spiegel Institut Academy has expanded its seminar offer: In the new seminar “Understanding China’s Culture: Consumer research in the land of the red dragon”, participants gain insights into the Chinese market, its consumers, and the possibilities of market research in one of the largest markets in the world.

With offices in Beijing and Shanghai, Spiegel Institut has supported its customers in China for over ten years by conducting a number of successful studies. Thanks to the close collaboration between the sites in Germany and China, the seminar explains both the hurdles in carrying out studies in China as well as strategies when dealing with these barriers. 

This one-day seminar gives an overview of the past and current cultural and social changes in China and provides a deeper understanding of the Chinese lifestyles and the corresponding behaviors. Drawing on practical experiences and current case studies, the seminar participants gain fundamental knowledge of brand awareness and an understanding of marketing in China and the consequent implications for market research and intercultural cooperation. The seminar addresses market researchers who are conducting or planning studies in China to expand their business activities there.

The Spiegel Institut Academy is known for its trainings in the areas of UX and Usability Engineering – CPUX-F, CPUX-UT- and CPUX-UR-seminars – and in addition to basic seminars on market research and seminars on interviewing and facilitation now offers for the first time a seminar on market research in the country of the red dragon.

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