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Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

What exactly lies behind this term?

A consumer insight is a surprising discovery about human behaviour, a type of “Aha!” experience. It often contains a surprising insight into what sways people in connection with products or brands. Insights of this kind into consumer behaviour and a comprehensive knowledge of your customers’ hidden motives, views and behaviour patterns are a basic requirement for a successful brand and communication strategy.

Ethnographic research in particular, with its participative observation and close accompaniment of the consumer in his everyday life, supplies illuminating consumer insights. With ethnographic research you will obtain insights into the consumers’ living environment, which is where their attitudes and opinions are formed. And you will also discover the contexts in which a product is used by being able to observe the way consumers act every day in their real environment. You will get to know the consumer comprehensively, with his ideas and values – and acquire the impetus to change your perspective once in a while!

Plunge into the world of your consumers with us. Get to know your customers better with their needs, wishes and expectations, become fond of them and take advantage of new insights for your brand or product!