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Telephone Interviews

Telephone Interviews

(CATI - computer-assisted telephone interviews)

We have a dedicated 22-seat telephone centre in our Institute premises which we use to research the market by means of CATI (computer-assisted telephone interviews).
With our CATI centre we are able to offer the entire study process in-house, from the methodical preparation via the field phase through to the analysis and presenting the findings.
We carry out our CATI studies nationally in Germany, within Europe and also between continents.

What are the advantages of CATI studies?

  • Cost-effective and quick to run: even large numbers of interviews can be achieved in a short space of time.
  • High data quality: the automated input prevents input errors, and quotas are controlled automatically.
  • Transparency of field work: you receive a daily field report to keep you constantly up to date.
  • You can listen into interviews in order to gain an immediate impression of consumer opinion.
  • Timeliness: you can access trend reports at any time.

Key facts on the CATI centre:

  • 22 CATI seats.
  • Highly flexible software developed in-house, which can be customised even to complex study designs. The software also enables acoustic examples (e.g. radio spots) to be easily played to participants.
  • 90 CATI interviewers. We attach great value to their training, as we know how much influence language and speech factors can have on the course of the interview and the participants’ willingness to provide information. Our interviewers are highly educated native speakers from the university towns of Heidelberg and Mannheim.
  • Permanent quality control, as supervisors are there to support the interviewers throughout the entire field period.