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Face-to-Face Interviews

Face-to-Face Interviews

By face-to-face interviews we mean interviews in which the interviewer asks the consumer about selected themes during an individual personal conversation. This interview can contain both standardised elements and also open questions.

The face-to-face interview has clear advantages compared with an interview over the phone, via an online study or by post: questions of understanding can be clarified better and the interviewer can interpret non-verbal signals from the interviewee, address these directly and also motivate the interviewee.

Face-to-face interviews are the method of choice when specific objects of investigation such as specimen advertisements, products or films need to be analysed. Traditional questionnaires in paper form (PAPI) or a computer-aided form (CAPI) can also be used here.

In which areas do we use face-to-face interviews?

  • Concept and product testing
  • Packaging tests
  • Stationary and dynamic clinics
  • Evaluation of advertising activities