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Ethnographic Interviews

Ethnographic Interviews

The objective of ethnographic interviews is to gain a better understanding of the consumer’s environment and hence the context in which personal attitudes develop.

Perceptions and attitudes are influenced by language, everyday aesthetics and culture. Therefore these attitudes can not be revealed by questioning, but only by observations made during conversations. In this process the observed behaviour of the consumers is also examined, in order to make the motivations behind certain actions apparent.

Which questions can be answered especially effectively using an ethnographic interview?

  • How is a product used by consumers in their daily life?
  • How is a brand experienced in daily life?
  • What role do products and brands play in the respective living environment?
  • What cultural differences are there in dealing with products and brands?

Answers to questions such as these are fundamental to consistently focusing product design or brand communication on the needs of the target group in the different markets and therefore contribute to the success of your products.

Ethnographic studies pose great challenges to market researchers. The Spiegel Institut offers one answer to this with its innovative research approach EthnObserve®, a combination of explorative discussion and accompanying camera recording.