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Electromobility – Mobility of the Future

Electromobility – Mobility of the Future

The widespread use of electric vehicles is still in its early stages.

For consumers, high acquisition cost and limited range are the number one handicaps. But with regard to the continuous urbanization of our planet, with such mega-cities as Tokyo, Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, the future belongs to electromobility.

From the consumer’s point of view, even today there are several points to make for electro cars

  • Taxes on electricity are much lower than on petrol or diesel – ‚fuelling‘ is a lot less expensive.
  • Electromobility is emission free, and thus more environmentally friendly
  • It offers high agility, as with electro vehicles, the maximum torque is available even when starting from a standstill position, and it is possible to accelerate without interruptions of traction.

Consumers‘ attitudes towards electromobility have gone through an interesting development in the last years. According to one of our 2006 studies, hybrid drive, fuel cell, fuels from renewable resources and natural gas were seen as the most future-oriented drive technologies. Electro motors were hardly mentioned. In 2011, more than 50% of consumers believed that alternative drive options will make up the majority of newly purchased cars. Again, hybrid drives are in the first place, but are followed by electro motors. Natural gas and fuel cells do not play a major role for consumers anymore, and fuel from renewable resources seems to have disappeared from consumers’ opinions.