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Validation and Optimization

Validation and Optimization

Our methods put your product to the test. At each degree of maturity of your product, we offer suitable methods to identify the strengths and weaknesses regarding user experience. We determine excitement attributes, uncover obstacles in the operating sequence or compare your product to relevant competitors.

We offer you tailor-made solutions matching your research interest, your timing and your budget. They range from a quick UX test for a first impression of the acceptance of your product and its conformity with expectations to an extensive validation with an international study design and large sample sizes.

Our extensive set of methods is continuously being further developed in order to gain even more and better user insights.

  • Customer lab
  • Usability tests
  • UsePrisma®
  • Eye tracking
  • Simulator studies
  • Dynamic clinics
  • Multivariate analyes

As experienced market researchers with a strong background in technology, we understand your product- and concept-centered way of looking at a problem, and we know how and with which benefits we can work out solutions and answers for you.

You have given your newest product the shape of a prototype and don’t know yet whether it will meet your future customers expectations?

We can help you here with our UX analysis and reveal concrete potential for optimization.

You want your product to not only create enthusiasm at first sight, but also in everyday usage?

By means of long-term analysis and logInsight®, we show you what users are thinking about your new product when using it on a day to day basis.

Your product has been introduced to the market and may have already proven its worth, and now you want it evaluated? We’re looking forward to your request.