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Research News05. February 2015, J. Fischer

E-mobility: German-Chinese cooperation for a future that protects our resources

Reaching the goal together – the Spiegel Institut researches the topic of electromobility with partners, with the goal to set a global standard...more...
Research News07. November 2013, J. Fischer

Spiegel Institut Mannheim expands Usability-Competence

Market researchers at Spiegel Institut Mannheim know that „not all driving simulators are the same.“ So they acquired their very own...more...
Research News10. June 2011, J. Fischer

Let’s get connected

It is presumed that in the course of this year, there will be more than 10 million smartphones sold only in Germany. Even now their market share...more...
Research News01. April 2010, J. Fischer

Microblogs in market research – hype or hope?

Google just started a micro-blogging service called buzz. Not the service as such but the way it was introduced to market and community has been...more...
Research News01. November 2009, J. Fischer

Implicit measurement – a rising star for gaining better consumer insights.

News from the BVM symposium, October 2009. The BVM symposium in Frankfurt provided a very interesting insight into a quite new methodology for...more...