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Opinion Poll05. February 2015, J. Fischer

How can Chinese car makers survive in Germany?

Over the past few years, many Chinese automobile manufacturers tried to enter the German market numerous times. However, negative press reports about...more...
Opinion Poll07. November 2013, J. Fischer

Autonomous driving: blessing or curse?

To drift along traffic without the need for constant alertness to evade potential dangers – dream or strain? This is what the Spiegel Institut...more...
Opinion Poll11. June 2012, J. Fischer

How cheap do you want it?

The Germans’ darling consumer product. A recent study by Spiegel Institut Mannheim explores what constitutes a ‘low-cost car’...more...
Opinion Poll10. June 2011, J. Fischer

New Segmentation Approach based on our Product Experience Model

Spiegel Institut Mannheim has developed a new consumer typology for market segmentation based on an innovative approach. The basis for this...more...
Opinion Poll01. April 2010, J. Fischer

To know about it does not mean using it: Phenomena in internet-based social networks.

A recent survey by Spiegel Institut Mannheim covered social networks and internet communities, reasons for professional use and users’...more...