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User Experience, Research & Consulting

User Experience, Research & Consulting

Anthropotechnology deals with the interface between people (Greek anthropos) and technology, the man-machine interface.

In today’s world of consumer goods, the form and functionality of this interface are decisive in terms of product acceptance. The interface comprises both objective properties and subjective ones, in other words those perceived by individuals.

Objective properties for instance are the level of attention required or the error rate when using a product. Examples of applications are when drivers are distracted while driving, or patient safety in medical technology.

Subjective properties are only given shape by the end user’s perceptions.

As well as designing a machine itself, development engineers also design the user interface. This interface can only be customised to the everyday working environment and its wide variety of requirements with the help of the people who use this interface every day, whether privately or professionally. The earlier these end users are linked in to the development process, the greater the opportunities for optimization.

As market researchers for technical issues, we offer you the interface with the end user. With our tools we can support you in the various stages of product development.