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User Stories

User Stories

Does the product you’re planning meet the users’ expectations? Does your product fit your customers’ needs? What’s the difference between task-orientation and function-orientation?

Consumers/users are the focus of product development; it is for them and their needs that suitable products are developed. This point of view has become widely accepted by now. In actual development processes, however, a highly technical and function-oriented formulation of the demands often still dominates in the shape of technical specification sheets, in which the users and their needs are hardly visible at all.

User stories put the user at the center of attention: the demands placed on a product are formulated from the users’ perspective, and in this follow a simple pattern: “As (role), I want to do something (aim), so that (reason)”.

We start with the roles or user types that have been identified before (cp. Personas). From their point of view, we formulate the basic aims that cover the whole range of the project. Details are added in latter concept phases – always in line with the next step of realization.

This procedure enables a lean and efficient development process: You’re keeping track of the users’ demands during the conceptual phase, and you’re taking care of the details in the phase of concrete realization.