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Preference Measurement

Preference Measurement

Is your product noticed by customers when placed next to other products? Which product characteristics are most important to customers? Preference measurement helps you uncover your customers’ preferences. The focus is either on their preferences regarding different products or regarding the different elements of which a product consists.

Preferences can be measured directly, for example by asking study participants about the importance of individual product characteristics, or by asking them to rank features according to their perceived importance. Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff) is also an option for looking at products as a whole or studying individual elements features.

In addition, indirect preference measurement provides interesting possibilities. Certain research questions show that consumers are hardly capable of directly naming the importance of different features or that they tend towards the ‘everything is important’- effect. This can be counteracted by using choice-based procedures. Instead of directly grading the importance of individual features, study participants are asked to decide repeatedly between different products. During the evaluation of the data, the importance of individual features can be deducted from the percentages chosen. For example, this research rationale is the basis for conjoint analyses (ACA, CBC, ACBC, MBC).

You want to understand your customers’ preferences? We help you choose the most adequate method for your research question. We look forward to hearing from you!