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Who is the typical user of your product? Are there different types of users? How do you succeed in not losing sight of the user during product development?

Personas provide answers to these questions. They are fictitious persons that represent a typical group of users and combine the typical design relevant features of this group. They are based on the qualitative and quantitative results of the user analysis. Users with similar product relevant needs and expectations are pooled into a group and characterized by the following information:

  • Name and realistic photo
  • Sociodemographic information
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Motivation and preferences
  • Aims and expectations regarding the product
  • In addition: a typical quotation or a photo collage about lifestyle

It is important not to describe the typical user, but to live up to the users’ heterogeneity by creating several personas. The more complex the product, the more personas should be created in order to describe the various groups of users. It is helpful to differentiate between primary personas, which represent the most important user group, and secondary personas, representing those users who should still be considered, but never at the cost of the primary personas. By excluding a specific category of users, negative personas can help sharpen the product’s profile.

With the help of such a set of personas, you’ll be keeping in mind who you’re developing your product for.

Do you have questions regarding the creation of personas? We help you analyze user groups and make them come alive with the help of personas. We‘re looking forward to your request!