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Our worldwide partnerships with market research institutes



With a number of clients who are active internationally, we also frequently carry out studies worldwide. To meet these requirements we have built up a network of partners in all the major countries, which goes back a number of years. Whether it is North or South America, China, Europe, India, Russia, the United Arab Emirates or Australia – we are your single source for international studies.

Our partners are carefully selected for every project so that we can constantly maintain our high quality standards. The selection is made by our visiting the local area in advance to assure ourselves of our partner’s staff, sites and experience in the respective sector. All our partner institutes are members of ESOMAR and bound by its quality requirements. We always have an experienced project manager locally to monitor the study and ensure it runs smoothly.

By applying these demanding criteria when selecting partners, we continuously delight our clients with the excellent quality of our international studies.

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Worldwide partnerships with market research institutes

The animation above shows the locations of the market research institutes we have been successfully working with for many years.