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Founding institut of market psychology in Germany

Founding institut of market psychology in Germany

The Spiegel Institut Mannheim is a renowned market research and consultancy institute with its head office in Mannheim, and a worldwide network of partner institutes. It was founded in 1949 by Prof. Dr. Bernt Spiegel as the Institute for Market Psychology – the first psychologically-oriented market research in Germany at that time – and today it is run by the second generation.

Market psychology or psychological market research is still an inherent part of our market research today and contains:

  • Brand and Consumer Research
  • Anthropotechnology and Usability Research
  • Technical Documentation

"In market psychology, it is not the objective nature of a product which is the reality, but solely the consumer’s perception of it".

And the consumer’s perception of a product has a major influence on the overall experience, being closely tied up with individual feelings, inner images, expectations and needs. 

With our studies we offer well-founded decision guidance in terms of product development, marketing, communication and sale. We will provide you with meaningful results and concrete recommendations on the actions you need to take, so you can make reliable decisions and carry out focussed improvements.