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Concept and Product Experience

Concept and Product Experience

We firmly believe in integrating potential customers into your innovation process at an early stage! This is because we are convinced that the external knowledge which customers develop when they are actually using products is a highly auspicious resource for product development. Flops can be identified early on and the success of innovations can be increased by consistently integrating customer experiences. The internal perspective, which is often driven by R&D, is enriched by the external perspective.

Analysing your concepts and products at an early stage is an extension of your customer-oriented activity. The consumer’s interest in buying your products and your chances of success can be assessed by means of subjective evaluations of product characteristics. Discovering the customers’ needs and wishes and integrating them into the development process enables you to orientate your product to the market at an early stage.

With our support you can let your customers share in the development process as a valuable source of ideas and promote the transfer of knowledge between your company and the customer. Find out more about our research tools, which you can use at different points in the development process depending on your problem:

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