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Development Support

Development Support

You’ve established your own UX team in your company, and you need on-site support. Our team of dedicated and experienced UX consultants is happy to assist you on an ad-hoc basis at the crucial stages of your project, or on a fairly long-term basis, accompanying development.

Whether it is support in the creative conceptual phase, the preparation of detailed specifications of the user interface in the course of the development process, the testing of individual software statuses against the specifications or general coordination of a UX project: we feel at home in all areas and we’re happy to join your team.

Our experience covers various industries and technologies.

  • From automotive via medical technology to household technology
  • From embedded systems to web-based solutions
  • From graphic user interface via interactive voice response to sonification and auditory display concepts

We’re happy to contribute our many years of experience to your development process, and, with the help of user-centered development, support you in placing desirable products on the market. Your UX team urgently needs competent assistance to be able to live up to future demands. We’re looking forward to your request.

You need UX expertise in your team of developers?

We support you with our experienced UX experts – at specific points or accompanying the whole development process.

You’re on the home stretch of your product development and you need support fast?

We support you quickly and effectively with just the UX competences you need.