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Idea and Conception

Idea and Conception

A clean sheet of paper is always a good starting point for an innovation. In a first step, we are simply looking for new ideas – and we do so consistently from the users’ point of view, and without any limitations. What do they need? What are they missing? What makes their life easier and more enjoyable? What helps them get things done faster and more efficiently? What helps them avoid disturbances?

This first phase is deliberately designed to be very open. Any good ideas found should not be inhibited by restrictions, technical constraints or by linking it to what already exists. We offer a range of specific workshop settings, in which new ideas can be generated in a short time.

  • Concept lab
  • Lead user workshop
  • Innovation monitor
  • User workshop

In a second step, we turn good ideas into good concepts. An idea becomes a concept when it faces its realization. At this stage, the technical, legal and financial circumstances that accompany any product have to be taken into account. We offer you a lean process in which our solutions are documented quickly and comprehensively.

  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • State charts
  • Visual design
  • Style guide

Turning a good concept into a good solution requires making sure that all the expectations placed in the beginning are met in all their dimensions. To this end, it is important to put concepts to the test early and recurrently. Early prototypes make concepts tangible - for the team of developers, for user tests, and for decision makers in your company. The earlier your concept is turned into something that can be experienced, the quicker improvements can be made, and the lower their costs. With our possibilities at your service, you’re making sure that concepts can be experienced and evaluated early.

  • Simulations
  • Construction of prototypes
  • Driving simulator
  • Usability lab
  • Focus groups
  • loginsight

Our longstanding expertise in UX development of complex products make us an experienced partner for your product development. Regardless of whether you need support in individual steps, or whether you want to go all the way of concept development with us: we’re looking forward to your request.

You want to find a new product idea that is able to complement and extend your portfolio?

Our innovation lab helps you generate a set of new ideas that are geared towards the needs of your future target group.

You’ve developed a new product concept and want to put the finishing touches to the idea?

With our innovation lab, we will help you determine the quality of the concept and point out concrete optimization opportunities.

Your product contains a large number of elaborate features, and you’re concerned that its complexity might be overwhelming to some users?

We can help you with a smart conception of the information architecture, in which features are structured in such a way as to comply with the users’ thought patterns.

You want to know if your concept idea meets the users’ expectations?

With the help of our prototype construction and usability lab, you’ll experience users handling your product and gather their opinions.